How can i have the token?

Beacause i have my friends wants to have


You can either get the token by purchasing them from exchanges or get them airdropped for participating in contests or distribution events.

If you are asking about Trust Wallet Tokens, they have been distributed. You may wish to stick around to learn and contribute to be eligible for the next one, if there is one coming.


I suggest you buy. Another way you could have gotten is by participating in the event that just ended


The best way to own some tokens now is to buy them through Binance Dex, through your Trust wallet which is very simple to do. Beware of scammers who offer to sell to you through the telegram page. Now is even the best time to own more of the tokens as more dumpers are selling out.


Hello Vipul
I am Ashok Kumar Das from Odisha. I am continuously receiving BCH in my TRUST WALLET. But I am unable to send BCH to exchanges or other wallets. It shows a Transaction Error. Can you help me out?

Awaiting for your reply.
Thanks & Regards
Ashok Kumar Das