How can i Withdraw My TWT

How can i Withdraw My TWT from Trust wallet?


all opation is on in trust wallet you make transecation


May I suggest you don’t withdraw just yet? Keep them for at least one more month, you wont regret. :pray:


Dear Trusteer,
Why do you want to withdraw now?
Don’t you think it’s too early?
The Token is really appreciating.

Wait for it to be listed in Binance and you’ll see real appreciation.

Please, I’ll advise you to HODL.


Every one is entitled to his/her own choices. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
You can be a hodler or send it out to trade it. Or return it to money, your choice.
I would rather hold mine


You can send to address where you want to take.
But I think you should hold it


I support the opinion of my friend @Mike2microbe :wave: you have the right to choose and it is something that in this crypto world is like a tray do you do it I wish you luck. :white_flag:

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You need to have BNB to pay Network fee


I’m not planing to withdraw now just asking how

Yes this is true, if im not mistaken, it needs 0,003 BNB for that amount.

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You will regret. Don’t sell, belive me

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Thanks for the advice, but how can someone withdraw them?

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Yes u can but if u do and sell u will regret it in next two years, so don’t even think about withdrawing think about getting more to ur wallet.

In my trust wallet, I see btc, eth and BNB. Where can one view TWT?

Ya good to hold more

You must have bnb
Or you buy bnb for fee withdraw

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If it hits binance, be sure it will touch one dollar

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To view TWT in your Trust Wallet;
1)@ your Trust Wallet home page, you’ll see -Tokens, Finance, Collectibles.

  1. Highlight Tokens (click Tokens).

3)Click the + sign after Collectibles

4)Where you see Search tokens, type in TWT and search.

5)You’ll see TWT. Switch to the right the white ball beside it, and it will turn blue.

  1. Automatically, it’s added to your Wallet home page.


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You must have $BNB for gas fee …if you are willing to withdraw $TWT. I suggest you not to withdraw :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t even have TWT so I am not sure if I can withdraw yet​:joy::joy: