How can the private ley for matic (multicoin) wallet be obtained?

i bridged cross chain on apyswap from bsc on metamask, to my trust wallet polygon address, within a multicoin wallet.

upon opening apyswap in trust wallet, I’ve discovered the app isnt compatible with mobile browsers, and trust doesnt allow chromes “force desktop site” functionality within the dapp browser, nor offer a desktop browser extension.

it seems my only option to retrieve my funds is importing my matic wallet into a desktop browser wallet, but i need my private key.

I’ve followed your guides to obtain this key, but BIP39 mnemonic recovery github doesnt include matic or polygon anywhere in their enormous list of blockchain assets

so i don’t know where to go from here…

please advise.

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incase anyone runs into this same issue, i just accepted it on my browser from the account i sent with, and it appeared in the account it was sent to… still no idea how to extract the key for polygon wallets, but as far as apyswap goes, found a solution.