How did featured pass the trust criteria?

from suggesting to devs they have their platform listed on the trustwallet dapp browser homepage, I’ve looked into your onboarding process, and it appears to be quite extensive.

that’s reflected on the frontend, with dapps interacting seamlessly [most of the time] that are listed directly on the browser page.

this isn’t the case for the featured marketplace.

and i realize it was just listed, but I’m frequently on trustwallet, and always check out the new dapps the first time they appear… your process seems to always be completed in full by the time you broadcast the new dapp to your userbase.

to connect i have to take a screenshot of the qr code from wallet connect, back out, trigger WC from the settings to scan the image, then navigate back to the dapp.

then, when trying to do anything within the dapp (like create a new collection, after filling in the series of text boxes to do so), trying to trigger an event that needs a confirmation bumps me out of the dapp entirely to a google search with the wallet connect bridge id.

…what gives?

Hello @Aeison team is aware of this issue, to connect directly just select Metamask from the wallet options pop-up it will connect directly without need of WalletConnect.

This is temporary remedy, issue will be fixed soon.
Sorry for inconveniences.

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thank you. the dapp is missing, but the worked, and it appears to be functional.

can i ask you one more segregated question?

while poking around, i saw a bunch of adverts about staking $CAKE directly in trustwallet, but cake has never been listed as an asset under the finance section of any of my wallets on trust. is staking CAKE no longer supported, or is the feature limited in availability? (i have quite a bit of cake. ha.)