How do I account for the difference between the volume of a purchased coin and the balance with no other transactions?

So, 160 days ago I bought some coin. 146,661,927.481452154 in fact.

I can see this on BSCScan.

This is the only time I purchased this coin. Over time, I’ve been getting small increments as I have with other coins - part of the fees from others being shared with me, I’m led to believe.

I’ve not bought or sold any more of this coin. I use 2FA on my trust wallet app.

I regularly record the current quantity of the coin in a spreadsheet so I can track things.

Today I noticed that the value had dropped considerably.

From 158,650,085.45755700 (a gradual increase of 11,988,157.97610483 over the 160 days) to 141,546,563.389293884, a decrease of 5,115,364.09215829. I do not know the exact day of the decrease, but I think it would be within the last month.

BSCScan is not showing any other transactions against the wallet for this coin.

To get to this point, I took my wallet address on TrustWallet, searched for it in BSCScan, and then reduced the list of transactions to the coin in question. 1 transaction was visible (dated when I bought the coin), the purchased amount was correct. Yet the total above is out. What I am also not seeing is how I got the extra coins from other trading and the fee distribution.

Can anyone explain what I’m not seeing? Thank you.

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Hello @HappilyBeingMe which token and what’s your wallet address? Have you tried to pass around tokenomics of the token you are currently holding and how it works?

I don’t know enough on what info is safe to share in public. I bought another token on the same day and that’s been growing in quantity just fine as I get the dividend on the fees others are paying.

This token though has dropped below the quantity I purchased with no additional effort on my behalf.

Basically, I bought and hold. That’s it.

I have found the answer. A bug in the software in that it did some calculations from what seems to be the beginning of time, rather than “now”. They say they have a solution. We’ll wait and see! Hopefully it will all work out. My wallet wasn’t hacked, but something went wrong and they are fixing it. I should have googled more before asking.

Thank you @Alan47 for your reply though.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and only invest money that you are prepared to lose.