How do I import a wallet with a 24-word passphrase

I tried importing a wallet with a 24-word passphrase into Trustwallet.

I got an alert that says “invalid passphrase”

However, There is a message below the passphrase entry text box that says: Typically 12 ( sometimes 18, 24) words separated by single spaces.

So why does the alert say “invalid passphrase”?

@FiL1 The error message you got may be indicating your seed phrase isn’t correct

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Thanks for your reply back. I agree with what you are saying. But I got the recovery 24-word passphrase directly from another wallet app called “CoinCollect”. Do you know about the quality of this app?

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@FiL1 I don’t know about that website but please do your own research on it and be sure it’s not a scam.

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