How do you feel about DEFI?

How do you feel about DEFI? And what projects are worthy of attention in your opinion?


It is still very early days but there do seem to be some projects attracting a lot of attention. Aave protocol has reached a $1Bil market size today, the project is focused on lending. But I would always advise you to, DYOR, and only invest what you can afford to lose.

In my opinion, Defi is the rider of a coin or token to continue climbing without brakes, and I think this is a path to return to the price in 2017 via DeFi word which will last until 2021 or 2022.
I recommend holding BTT, TRX & TWT because I am sure they will move up to the moon soon and of course the profit will be more pronounced because of the cheap price per token or coin.


A whole lot of amazing projects in DeFi. Make a cool research and find the great ones

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Defi projects are doing pretty well now if I may say but we must be very careful because fake projects will start coming up using Defi as a cover.

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Defi is good for now

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