How do you like the growth of ChaneLink

How do you like the growth of ChaneLink?


I am waiting to see if it will fall a little so I can buy

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Chainlink is so amazing coin.

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Some people claiming that $link can go upto 50$ …:sweat_smile: I am waiting for price down to buy some more $link.

I see it possibly the dominant version of ETH 2nd, I remember 2017 of ETH :))

Is there any sync between link and matic?

If link raises matic raise vice versa

If you have the funds but it now especially if you are more of a hodler. I told myself the same thing when $link was around $4 that I will buy when it drops or retrace. It then got to $7 and around $9. Eventually I could only get a little at $9.47.
If you are #hodling, it won’t matter if you buy now as we are just entering the full bull market.
However do you own research

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A sharp pump is not always good

I have never thought it would reach 17$ but I wish it should fall so that I can buy more