How do you research a project that will do well

Few days ago I was looking at sushiswap and was not impressed. It was less than a cent and surprisingly I saw ot on Binance today. It is worth over 10usd.

I need ideas on how to identify gems like this.


Yes even am looking for this type of projects plz share if any one knows



The freecoin [] has 10 trillion total supply and will be up in the high ranks when Cryptocurrency is mass adopted.
Buy now and hold.

Klv (Klever) can be staked on klever app (formerly tronwallet)


Where can I buy this freecoin

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  1. The team behind the project.
  2. The utility of the token.
  3. The teaming community.
  4. Uniqueness of real life usability.
  5. There road map.

don’t buy all the shiitcoins out there. just look at its chart. totally useless coin


Always…look at a product, research its whitepaper(official one), see what market trends are there(rise and fall), what is it being used for. If it is of interest to you invest small to start and build on it. These crypto can go up, can go down in a matter of minutes. If you are in for the long haul…stay wih it. You will benefit in the end.


Probit has free coin

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Researching a project needs some efforts!!!
One has to go through some technical stuff one doesn’t understand!!!
Personally, I check the posts of some Crypto Influencers


1 Team Real Team Real Company Real Community Team
2 Real World Use Case/ Real Utility

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Why not buy the Abit network token by name TATCOIN TAT its promising


What’s d price, where can I buy it?

Welcome @Humble to the community

It’s a very promising crypto within two months of launch in market it got to over 0.1 usd and now upon the dump its strongly on 8 cents you can purchase it on bidesk using btc

Just buy it and thank me later, if you need more info let me know it also real life use cases

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Probit. $0.00000009 a steal