How do you retrieve your ETH

How do I retrieve my ETH from a transaction I wasn’t aware of and did not even authorize.


Oh. If the transaction is confirmed, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It’s gone

What if you have the address?

If you meant your private key or recovery phrase, and you didn’t give it to anyone, then your coin is intact.

I meant the address of the receiver cos I checked it up on etherscan dot io

Once sent it can’t be retrieved, or traced. This goes for cryptos

Sorry @Lilastronaunt, it’s gone…
It’s like loosing you wallet or phone: You know the location where you lost it, but you don’t know who took it.


Thank you. I hear and read it can be traced though. I wish I have the HACKING SKILLS. Why can’t Trust Wallet have this extra security of authorization pin or confirmation before any transaction is sent?!. My weekly savings gone and I feel empty because actually there is nothing on me.

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This happened to me couple of days ago I sent 0.02eth to another person address

Please can someone tell me how to change my key’s cause someone is with it

I think the only thing you can do about your situation is create another wallet and send your funds to the newly created wallet before its too late

It’s late o😢. I have opened another account but I don’t lik that trust wallet don’t have Extra security.