How I can change my email on the Trust Wallet platform?

Would you happen to know how I can change my email on the Trust Wallet platform? I want to replace it with a more secure email.

Hi @Cybertron,

Are you referring to this forum? (

If yes, click your profile pic in the top right > preferences > scroll down to the email section

If you are referring to the app, then there’s no such thing as editing the email. Your email address is not required in using the wallet. Also, it wasn’t asked during the wallet creation process as well (How to Create a Multi-Coin Wallet).

I downloaded the app, created a wallet, and tried to buy $150 of BNB. Then it sent a verification code to an old work email address I no longer have access to. Where did they get that email from and how do I update it? It’s different from the email I just used to create the community account

Hi @Jkroofer,

What was the name of the third-party crypto provider? You can check it in the list and contact them directly using their ticketing service.

I verified that the transaction was successful, backed up my trust wallet, deleted it, and reloaded it. But my coins are still missing

It was Simplex and I spent 2 hours last night trying to get to the front of the line in the chat queue to then get booted from 6th back to 47th position. Sent email and opened a ticket but have gotten no response yet.

I see. In that case, you’ll have to wait for them. There is a huge demand for cryptos that they weren’t able to keep up with the pace. Responded here as well: