I bought Eth for over 6 hours transaction says completed and delivered but coin not showing in my wallet

Eth wallet: 0x626e96f8c11bDb9379CecF0535b2740CAa3c0745

Transaction IF: ece0ab4e-701b-4235-8312-aa13777540fc

Thank you for your time and help on this. I do really appreciate you for real.

Here is a copy of mine that doesn’t show either after hours

Can you try contacting the crypto provider again and get to know what the delay is?

Hello @TheCryptoBarnacle kindly contact the crypto provider to know why the deposit is being delayed.

I have been trying since morning and they keep referring me back to Trust wallet support.

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They keep replying with automated emails only. I’m kind of tired of this loop I got my self into.

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I did. They sent an auto message. Its impossible that the address is wrong. Its auto generated because I bought straight out of from trust wallet. So I’m stuck in a hot potato game between trust wallet and the purchase provider partners. Goodness. This is why I like Amazon. One stop shop and no hot potato.


Same thing with me it was working good lastnifht decided to buy more this morning at 6am and it is now 5 pm and still haven’t received bnb but it says it was approved and it’s been taken from my bank account

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Same here. Bought this morning and processed at 8am 4/16/21 still nothing been 9 hrs.


Happend to another girl I seen trying to buy SPE and she just got hers awalago

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I’ve sent all information trust wallet asks for, transaction id, address, and app version. Makes no sense to wait half a day and still have no idea as to what’s going on


Please help me i bought BNB over 2 hours ago. My transaction is not on the blockchain and i havent received anything. But Simplex says its approved and sent tomy trust address. Please help! Is trust wallet safe?

Same thing happened to me. Moonpay tracker says transaction has been completed and the crypto has been delivered. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Transaction ID: 7525c9b8-7ab6-4a30-9922-9a79cc1ff7a2

Wallet Address: 0x6dAEa457AcC1b3fC759dE7e2E49E7603C62C921f

Same thing happened to me, I sent to withdrawals to two different places and both did not show up!

Same issue here time is 12:29 AM April 18th, issue with buying ETH from moonpay with credit card.

Destination address:


Transaction hash:

Trans ID:

Included pictures for proof

Please warn your users about moon pay and this terrible service they have. Seems to be an ongoing issue!

I have screenshots but won’t let me upload.

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Same here. Bought etherium and it’s says delivered from moonpay but not in my wallet at all. Check my wallet address for etherium and says 0. Check the transaction hash… says unable to locate. This is my first time using this so did I just get scammed???

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Also having exact same issue. Over 10 hrs and no ethereum still. Moonpay keeps telling me to contact trust wallet support, submitted multiple tickets, and still no response. This is ridiculous

Hi everyone, third-party crypto providers like MoonPay, Simplex, etc. are taking time in distributing the bought cryptos due to the increased demand. It is best to contact them directly. Ticket links can be checked here: