How the Private Key Works

What is a private key? Unlike the publicly accessible public key, the private key is a secret key known only by its owner, with the private key and public key paired such that the recipient can use the corresponding key to decrypt the cipher text and read the original message. Private keys are generated using the same algorithms that create public keys to create strong keys that are bonded mathematically.


It’s possible someone hack our private key?


Impossible, unless you give it or accidentally enter a phishing web or fake airdrop


Hi there , I need your help with an issue , a trader is reimbursing me my money to the trust wallet but he made me add an address to a wallet which is watch only and he says I need to deposit a certain amount of money so that the private key could be generated and then I will have access to my funds? Is it a scam ? I guess logically he has the private key to the wallet, right?

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Hello @Radumtl
That is definitely a scam, please do not fall for that.