How to Access 1Inch Exchange on Binance Smart Chain with Trust Wallet

What is 1Inch Exchange?

As the leading aggregator of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), 1inch offers users better rates for cryptocurrency swaps than any single crypto exchange could. Moreover, 1inch saves users time — as they no longer have to manually check each exchange for the best swap prices.

1inch Foundation has deployed the 1INCH token on Binance Smart Chain, making 1inch Aggregation Protocol and 1inch Liquidity Protocol available to BSC users. The token will be used as a bridge between the Binance and Ethereum networks. 1inch users will get access to PancakeSwap, BurgerSwap, StreetSwap, Venus, StableSwap, JulSwap, BakerySwap and other Binance-based DEXes and lending protocols.

Learn more here: 1inch Network expands to Binance Smart Chain

Access 1INCH on BSC

Open the DApp browser by looking for 1Inch under DeFi section or by typing the URL:

Switch the network to Smart Chain. Then Connect the Wallet.

Agree to the Terms of Use, then select Binance for the Network and Trust Wallet as your Wallet.

You are now connected to the exchange.

Swap BEP20 Tokens

Similar to other DEXes on the Binance Smart Chain, you will be able to swap BEP20 tokens.

Make sure you have BNB on your Smart Chain address to be able to do transactions.

Provide Liquidity

You can also start supplying your idle assets to the exchange. Just be aware that you will be exposing yourself to impermanent loss.

Go to the menu by tapping on the 3 lines on the upper left cornet, then tap on Pools.

Supply an equal amount of the require tokens. In this case we tried to add some BNB and 1INCH to the pool. Unlock your tokens to proceed.

Next, tap on Provide Liquidity, and Confirm the transaction.

You are now eligible to earn tokens on the Liquidity Pool.

A liquidity mining program for BSC users will be launched on February 26, 00:01 (UTC), featuring the BNB-1INCH pool. Over a four-week period, 0.01% of the 1INCH total supply will be distributed as rewards to liquidity providers.