How to access Trust Wallet on iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 12.4.4)

Hello I have Trust Wallet installed on iPhone 6 plus that has iOS 12.4.4. I am not able to access this wallet and it shows a message that it needs iOS 13.
Please share the options I have to access my Trust Wallet.

Thank you very much for your help in advance

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The latest version of Trust Wallet requires at least iOS 13 for better performance. If your current device does not have an option to upgrade to this newer OS, you can still restore your wallet on a new device.
Here are some guides on how to do the restore:


Hey. I can’t download the trust wallet app on my iPhone 6. I use iOS 12.4.7 and it requires 13.0. I don’t have another device. Is there nothing I can do?

Get a new device that meets the minimum requirements. That is a solution.


Here is my iphone device info how do I get the trustwallet in my phone and it doesn’t display the Dapp icon at the bottom after I tried the testflight and the trustwallet app it self. iOS is 13+

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How do I get the Dapp icon on my Huawei phone as well please :place_of_worship:

Download the app here: