How to Add Custom Token

Hi there
I have transferred some crypto but it seems missing somewhere as the status is failed
Can somebody help me how to follow it up?

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To better assist you, can you provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. ETH address
  3. Transaction ID (if you have any)
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1- 1.7.144

2- 0x4672D3c55149Bb3B8BD233cF0a4031d65F26be37

3- Ethereum Transaction 0xc3b46d0d6bf476bb65e6c8add45d30f8caf894beb4a3598cdc77dbc2ec3321a1

Ethereum Transaction 0x68270201ee59fe4bfd6700faff18ae6b2bdd16453518ad467957bb2a2ec197fb

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I see that you account has two transactions and both are successful, you sent 5000 and 300 JSE tokens in two transactions. The transaction title in application says that it was a smartcontract call, not sent, maybe a little confusing for you but this is the actual information. You can open JE token screen you will see also two transactions with sent title. These are the same transactions.

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I sent it but it got me 0 !! Why zero? Why didn’t I get the money?

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This screen is only for ETH transactions, so you see that it is a smart contract call.
Trust Wallet doesn’t have JSE Token by default, so you need to add it manually.
To see the actual balance of your JSE token:

  1. Go to add token screen
  2. Press Add Custom Token button at the bottom.
  3. enter JSE contract address 0x2d184014b5658c453443aa87c8e9c4d57285620b
  4. Name JSE token, symbol JSE, decimals 18
  5. Find JSE Token in tokens list and see your actual balance

Hi can you help me trace my rune i sent it to my binance account and have not received it?

Contact Binance, you must have forgotten to include a memo to your send transaction.