How to add tokens from another wallet

Tell me if it is possible to import a token that is in another wallet.
For example, there are two wallets, trastvalet and metamask. I want to add a token with assets from the metamask wallet to trastvalet.
If this is possible then how to do it.
It is important not to import the entire wallet, but only a specific token with assets.

@carmantac If you’re trying to import just a chain to your Trust app, then go to your settings and import there but select the specific chain you want to import.

How to do this, can you describe step by step, because I am new to this

@carmantac Go to your Trust app settings, tap on Wallets
Then tap the + sign at the upper right corner, then “Add existing wallet”
Select “Secret phrase” then choose the chain you want to import on.

Thank you for your answer, but I already know how to add a wallet, I need to add a token that already has money.
I repeat once again, I need to add a token and not a wallet, and not create a new one, but add an existing one with a balance.
For a visual example, I have a wallet in a trust valet in which there is a bitcoin coin but its value is zero and I want to add a bitcoin coin from my metamask wallet on which there is some balance. I don’t want to import the entire metamask wallet, but only the bitcoin coin with the balance.
Can this be done using trastvalet or not?

@carmantac Just like you have stated that if you have Bitcoin and want to import just that, then you import your seed phrase as a Bitcoin wallet in your Trust app, still the same as explained above.

I use the desktop version of the wallet, but it does not have the ability to add a specific coin, only import the entire wallet

@carmantac Right you should have stated that earlier, the steps I have sent is for the Mobile app wallet.