How to buy a crypto from trust wallet app

A friend of mine asks how he can buy a crypto from Trust Wallet App. Anybody with a useful suggestion?


Can buy directly using Debit and Credit cards…

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Yes just click the buy button on the cryptocurrency wallet and purchase with your choice of payment


The UI is very user friendly you can buy with your credit card.


Step 1 - Access the Buy Menu

Open up your wallet and select the crypto that you want to Buy.
There are two Buy buttons that you can tap to get to the initial purchase screen.

Step 2 - Indicate Purchase Amount

Indicate the amount in USD and it will automatically compute the Crypto amount that you will get. This will already include the fees. Tap on Continue to proceed.


The minimum transaction is $50, and the maximum is $2,000.

Step 3 - Submit Credit Card Details

You will have to fill up the Card Details as well as your Contact Details. Tap on Pay Now to submit the transaction. Wait for the confirmation details and make sure to take note of your Transaction ID. Depending on the type of Crypto you have purchased, there will be some time before you receive them.


Trust Wallet does not save any of user information. The provider processes the transaction and sends the crypto to your wallet once payment is confirmed.


You can buy with your credit card

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Well the payment is in USD.
Can you make the payment using your own credit/debit card which the currency in it, isn’t USD.

Let assume you are from Ghana, and the funds in your credit/debit card is ghana cedi.

If you make the payment using your own credit/debit card.

Will it be successful???


Well,I think it will