How to Buy NFTs with Trust Wallet

Buying and selling NFTs can be easily done thru OpenSea. You can connect to their marketplace with Trust Wallet and be able to make transactions. For this guide, you need some ETH on the wallet in order to purchase NFTs, as well as to pay for the gas fees.

If you are using an Android device, you can directly access OpenSea via the DApp browser . The steps indicated here is for iOS users. WalletConnect will be used in order to connect your Trust Wallet to the site.

Connect to OpenSea

Open your mobile browser and go to Tap on Menu button which is the 3 lines on the upper right corner. Then, tap on the button that says Connect Wallet.

Choose the WalletConnect option, then tap on Trust. This will launch the Trust Wallet app, tap on Connect. Sign in with your wallet by tapping on Confirm.

Buying an NFT

Explore the Marketplace

You can search for a collection of NFTs, set the amount or even sort them in the order that you like.

For this example, we will try to buy an NFT that is just under 0.02 ETH.

Choose an NFT

Once you are able to pick the NFT that you want to purchase, tap on it to see the Buy now button.

A warning will be shown explaining that the marketplace is open for anyone to sell an NFT. You need to be very careful and make sure that you are buying the correct one.

Confirm Checkout

You will need to complete the checkout by agreeing to the terms of service. Next, tap on Confirm checkout, then tap on Confirm on the Trust Wallet app.

Wait for the transaction to be completed. Once the blockchain confirms the transaction, the NFT will be shown on your OpenSea account, as well as on your Trust Wallet Collectibles section.