How to cancel a BTC pending transaction - Como cancelar un envio BTC

Tengo un envío de BTC, que intenté hacer, pero quedó en “Pendiente”
El receptor tenía un tiempo de TimeOut para la transacción, el cual expiró, y para ellos la transacción esta cancelada, sin embargo en mi Wallet sigue saliendo pendiente.
Este es mi número de Wallet:

I have a pending transaction for a BTC sent i was trying to do, but it hanged in “Pending”
the receiver had a TimeOut that expired so the transaction is already cancelled for them, but it is still pending on my wallet.
This is my wallet number - bc1qhl8pz92pjwyf3mwr3200lxx97mehchhx3ss7mr



I think you should wait for at least a day or cancel the transaction but just have patience…

First of all you need to check whether your transaction is confirmed by network or not. Sometimes wallet requires more time to show balance on the address while it’s been already confirmed. If your transaction is confirmed then you can not cancel your transaction. Before doing any manipulation, check the tx id in blockchain(dot)info . If you see zero/0 confirmation then you can cancel your transaction.

Now that you’ve checked, there are two primary strategies to cancel unconfirmed transaction.

  1. RBF - Replace By Fee, and
  2. Double spend using high fee

If your wallet support RBF protocol then follow the following steps,

  1. Open your wallet
  2. Right click (If you’re using pc) or click and hold (if you’re using mobile) on Unconfirmed transaction
  3. You will see an option “Increase Fee”
  4. Now increase fees and the transaction will be replaced.

If the method doesn’t worked for you (As some wallet doesn’t support RBF), you can still follow the following instructions,

To do this, make a new transaction equal to the amount of the original one and send it to yourself. Make sure the transaction fee on this is significantly higher than the original one you paid.


Already answered by @ahmedtanjidfollowe the steps carefully after you sure it is on zero confirmation ok.

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Sure. Pending transaction not equal to lost transaction

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Hello. Please I’m having a pending Bitcoin transaction on my trust wallet.
My trust wallet doesn’t support RBF and I have tried making a new transaction to my wallet but there telling me Transactions Error

Hi @sariwa1,

Please be informed that you cannot cancel nor speed up the transaction using the app. You have to wait for the Bitcoin miners to confirm your transaction. It may take a lot of time if your network fee is low. If it is still pending for a long time, the network will automatically drop and cancel your tx.

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