How to cancel transaction smart chain bnb

How do you cancel transaction from bnb have 3 outstanding transactions that have now and still takeing time over 24h

Please help

i see andhere people talking about it just not working

You can not cancel a transaction that has been confirmed, so check the transaction hash to see the progress of the sent BNB.

You could also post the transaction ID here, so we take a look.


On pancake swap it has been loading approve for the past couple hours. When I look up the TX nothing comes up. What is happening

You can do a short video showing the issue you are having when you try to do what you wanted to do.

Bro, I tried to swap Smart Chain to Bnb coin on the trust wallet app, but it has been taking days now to complete.

This is the guide to do the swap
How to make a Crosschain Swap on Trust Wallet

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I did the swap the way it was directed. My issue is that 6.7million blocks was what it has to go through before it can appear as a bnb coin. For 8 days now, it’s on 300000. My question is, was it supposed to take that long?

Have a look at this too.
Pending “Stuck” Transactions
Although BSC is having network congestion and swap takes a while before it completes but I don’t think its should take more than a day let alone 8days.

i saw it on another forum, you recovered your bnb recently mate. Could you please explain how did you do (step by step)

I sent you message on Binance forum. The step I used I wrote it dow For you

I saw your message mate, but it was not clear for me, i didn’t understand first part. Could you please explain it step by step?

Can you help me recover my funds from bsc token hub since 6 days they stuck there

thanks for sharing your ideas, nice information. it will help many users.