How to change BCH to ETH in Trust wallet?


ETH is required to send a currency. I have some BCH. How can I change BCH to ETH so that I can send currencies? Thankful


Hi @HoomanGh,

If you have a native/mainnet BCH, then you cannot trade it with other cryptos in the app. You need to deposit it on an exchange like so you can convert it.

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Thanks for your reply. for Network Fee i have to have only ETH(ERC20)?
or i can have ETH(bep2) or ETH(bep20)?

Depends on the blockchain that you are transacting with. Learn more here:

Hi I have trouble
I wanna buy a token but I don’t have any Eth fee
All of my Eth has bep20network
Already my Usdt should pay eth fee
What should I do help me please