How to check price fee?

Hai everyone, me want to ask about fee send any crypto in trust wallet…
How to know price fee?


check any vedio on youtube about trust wallet u will know their terms and requirement

Enter to the menu of the currency sent, search the transfer and Enter, you can see a button that said: “more details” then click, you will be redirected to Etherscan and you can consult the transaction and the fee

Are you vietnamese people? (Cai kieu noi tieng anh quen quen haha)…check it on the internet…

I don’t understand that

Which fee you want to know ?? Every blockchain has separate fees. You can check ethereum gas fees on ethgasstation. info/ or etherscan. io/gasTracker (remove space before io) . For other blockchain, check on specified block explorer.

The fee all of the major coins and tokens that is supported by Trust Wallet will have a certain fee deducted in order to process a transaction. The fees are not collected by your wallet, but it is given to the miners or validators
In menu of the currency sent, you can see a button that said: “more details” then click
and you get what do you looking for bro

Hola amigo las tarifas son por red blockchain
Ejemplo eth es de 0.5 a 1.5 dólares
Binance es de 0.10 algo así o menos
Tron es de 0.01
Y así sucesivamente