How to choose the best crypto exchange

Below are some important steps/ questions you must ask before joining a cryptocurrency platform or exchange.

  1. Reputation
    Reputation is always the major point, which defines the brand in general. Ask questions like, how long is the platforfm?, what have the achieved? who are their partners? are they operating legally in thier location? etc.

  2. Security
    This is the second and very important way to identify the right platform, as it’s important to know your money is safe.

  3. Fees
    some bitcoin exchanges are taking a fee on every transaction like withdrawal, deposit, or trading, some of them are not. Choose the platform according to the kind of the trader you are.

  4. Payment Methods
    Every platform has different methods, make your own analysis and find out what fits you more.

  5. Verification Requirements and Geographical Restrictions
    This factors are also very important. Pay attention to this part before completing the registration. questions like must i complete KYC to deposit or withdraw? which ID documents do they accept? do they accept registration from my country? etc must be asked.

  6. Support
    check reviews to know if best services are offered over 24/7 and to know how good their support is.

Please feel free to share some factors not mention here and what you as a person value most in making your exchange choices.


@Mebbambi please read up this, as a new person in the crypto space you will learn alot from this piece.

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Yes this will greatly help a new person just getting into crypto!

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@Talento , nice one, this piece is well detailed I appreciate

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Good one. To the new comers

Awesome writing bro but May be you forgot one option which is trading volume

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Sure…that’s why I kept it open for more points

Thanks friend, I gained a lot.

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Thank you for the kind words, if time permit i will be sharing more of this to guide the new comers

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