How to Claim Rewards for Staking ATOM Tokens

Claiming ATOM Staking Rewards

New atoms are created every block (about 6-7 seconds) and distributed to validators and delegators participating in the consensus process. This provides an incentive to Atom holders to not just passively hold their tokens in wallets, but to put them at risk in order to secure the network.

If you have not started staking your Cosmos (ATOM) tokens, you can follow this guide: How to Stake Cosmos (ATOM) Tokens on Trust Wallet

The rewards generated by staking ATOMs are not automatically sent to your wallet.
You can claim them via the following methods:

  • Stake to the same Validator.
  • Unstake your tokens.
  • Manually claim the rewards

How to Claim Rewards

In this guide, we will show you how to Claim your Staking Rewards. Let’s begin.

Step 1 - Open Cosmos Wallet

From the main Cosmos Wallet screen, you can already see here the Available, Staked and Rewards tokens.

Step 2 - Access Staking Menu

Tap on More, then tap on Claim Rewards.

Step 3 - Submit the Transaction

Review the transactions details. This will show you how much will be claimed and the network fees. Tap on Send to submit the the transaction to the network.

Step 4 - Rewards Received

There will be a notification that the rewards have been claimed. The balance on the wallet will automatically update and the process is now complete.

You can go to StakingRewards’ ATOM Staking Calculator to find out the potential rewards.

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