How to convert Ethereum into actual cash & send it to my bank account

Good Day,

I’m new to Trust Wallet & I was sent Ethereum & DEXTools yesterday. I want to convert this to actual cash & send it to my bank account. What can I do? I’m in Botswana, so I use BWP currency (Pulas).

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Hello @CoSegKhi sorry there’s no direct way to transfer from trust wallet to bank. Check this may help: Cashing out your Crypto

When I try to send the Ethereum to another address it says, ‘This is a watch only wallet’. What does that mean?

Can someone please urgently help…I need sell the Ethereum…the buyer is waiting for me.

@CoSegKhi that means you imported wallet address instead of wallet recovery phrase/ private keys. Read on how to import wallet here: How to Import a Wallet & Our Top Tips To Do So Securely

What should I do to have control of the wallet & to be able to send from it?

Please, I really need help…I imported another Ethereum wallet the way they said it should be done but I can’t access the funds in the other wallet.

What is Private Key Code & what does it do? There’s something wrong with my wallet. Who can I contact so that they access it & help me?

@CoSegKhi read the guide sent above… copy your recovery phrase from coinomi and paste to Trust wallet… compare the addresses if they are identical you can access your funds. Otherwise, contact coinomi for support.