How to earn money using cryptocurrency

Anybody have any ideas about, how to earn money using cryptocurrency? And what are they ways you can able to earn? please share about it. It will help to many peoples

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Trading - 1) short term trading( HODL crypto for short time, when it reached short target Sell them)
2) Long term trading( Patience is important, it may take years, keep a target for 10x , 20x… When it finally hit your target sell them)
3) Crypto Gambling( Not advisable, gamble with your crypto, if u are lucky u can make your crypto * 100 times in just a minute)
4)Faucets - Claiming different crypto faucets.
5) Crypto Ads - U can earn crypto by placing crypto ads on your Website. Its similar to google adsense


how to make trading? Do you know any idea or any sites or apps available for that?

for trading I recommend binance

Watch youtube how to trade cause its hard to explain in chat

For a passive income you can also use your cryptos for:

  • Staking
  • Lending
  • Yield farming / Liquidity mining

Trading, holding, staking and mining


Crypto gambling is the worst thing that will happen to you in Crypto world…run away from it.