How to edit decimal in custom token

Hi, I created a custom token and put the wrong decimal in the decimal field. Now my balance indicates that I have 11 billion US dollars when it should only be 11, how can I alter the decimal field or get the wallet to display the correct value for my account?

Just add the token again with its contract address then put the preferred decimal. Then it would be fine. It will replaced the previous data.

I did and the balance is even higher I have a gazillion tokens and my balance is astronomical. I’m not sure what else to try now.

I have this issue as well. Did you fix it? I don’t know how to remove it.

I had same issue. Thought I was a billionaire. lol I could not find out how to delete the custom token, so I created a new one with correct decimal. Then I turned off the button on previous one so it would not appear in my portfolio. I now have correct balance appearing. Hope that helps.

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Thank you all. I was a trillionaire. Just reading through these posts and I’m all good now.