How to find a reliable and safe Dapp

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Today we are going to talk about a subject that interests more than one: how to find a reliable Dapp?
But before we start, you have to know what a Dapp is.

A Dapp or decentralized application is an application developed according to the standards of distributed consensus protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum EOS or even Stellar Neo or Cardano.
To put it simply: Decentralized applications are services running on a blockchain such as a website, a financial service, a video game, a marketplace, etc.
To know that a Dapp is very reliable, it must have the following characteristics:

-It must be Open Source

-It must operate autonomously without the help of a central entity thanks to a consensus mechanism providing proof of the value exchanged on the network.

-It must work on a blockchain or any other decentralized public register in order to make the transaction history accessible to all.

Apart from all these characteristics, you should also read the WHITE PAPER of the Dapp which includes the business plan but also the business model of the Dapp.

Finally, here are some examples of Dapp on the Ethereum blockchain

My Crypto Heroes
Kyper Network
Compound Finance

Note that there are many other Dapps on other blockchains.

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