How to Fix the Force Close Trust Wallet Application After Setting Passcode

Overcome the Force Close Trust Wallet Application After Setting Passcode

Passcode is one of the security features on Trust Wallet. This security code is in the form of a PIN.

Some time ago I had a problem where after setting the Passcode, the application error and the cellphone restarted automatically.

This is very detrimental, let alone save the phrase key uninstalling is a bad choice.

But if you have saved the phrase key, then reinstalling the application can be an alternative. So what if you haven’t saved it yet? Try to follow the short instructions from me. This is based on my experience

  1. Update the application to the latest. If you are still error, go to the next step
  2. Join beta testers. If the problem is not resolved continue to the next step
  3. Remove smartphone security keys such as passwords, PINs, facelocks and fingerprints. After that restart, the cellphone is unlocked, then please open the trust wallet application, then it is running normally. Just turn off the passcode, it’s better to just save the phrase key.
  4. If it is still not resolved, contact the developer team by submitting a new ticket. Responses will be replied quickly. No later than 1 day

That’s a little of me, if you are one day or are experiencing it, can try this way.

NB. The method above is my personal experience, and it worked for me.


Great info…very helpful

Will take this into consideration if i come about the same problem. Thanks