How to get to Level 3

Hi. How do I get to level three. I looked through the FAQ and it’s not very helpful. I can’t do any transactions until I’m level three, or is it 100 days if I’m not a level three? TIA

Hello @Cerspamer Trust wallet has no limitations for sending and receiving transactions. There’s no levels.

Send your address and screenshot of the error you are facing when trying to transfer.

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It says failed and the reason on blockchain is that I am not at level 3. Attaching screenshots.

@Cerspamer that is the error with token you are trying to send out. Tokens are locked on smart contract. Be careful with such free tokens could be scam.

When or how do they become unlocked on smart contract - this is all new to me. Thanks for all your help.

@Cerspamer you have to find project team and ask them on how to unlock. You have to do your own research on this.