How to identify a fake Trust Wallet Twitter handle(s)

To begin with, over the years, there have been influxes of fake Trust Wallet Twitter handles sending messages to scam unsuspecting persons. This article tries to highlight some ways one can identify some of those fake Twitter handles.

Just few days ago (See attached images), I commented to a post on asking for my preferred coin which I commented TWT. Just few seconds, I got a message to DM from a supposed TWT handles. I was to send DM but had a second look at the Twitter username (@Trustlwallet) which shows it’s fake. From the fake handle, you could see that though it has the same name, images of the official Trust Wallet handle but the username (@) is different.

To many who may not have the time for a second look, that may be the beginning of their journey to being scam. Take a second look at the attached images and see the way the fake handle almost look like the official handle.

Apart from the username (@) which is different, every other things may be the same. Some scammers may even go as far as hacking a verified handles to perpetuate their evil plans but if the username is not the same, please don’t follow or click any link from such.

From the images, the official Trust Wallet username is @TrustWallet while the fake one in this case is @Trustlwallet.

The fake one has letter l in-between the Trust and wallet which is lower case w.

But the official Trust Wallet username is written together with the T and W in upper case letters.