How to make money on the cryptocurrency market?

How to make money on the cryptocurrency market? My capital increase scheme.

I am often asked about earning schemes in this market. Interested in stability and capital increase. Many come with a capital of a couple of dozen cue ball. In recent years, there is only one scheme that has shown itself well and gives income without any particular risks.

This is an investment in large coins (cue ball and 2-3 others) + arbitrage between exchanges. Is the cue ball temporarily falling? It’s okay, do arbitrage and earn it. Is the cue ball growing? Okay, make even more dollars and sell the difference. Does the cue ball run from 10 to 13k? Well, look for holes and arbitrage.


In futures you can make a bunch of money but you can also loss all your savings and in seconds your funds get liquidited. Scalping also is great for those people who has capital but dont let your emotions control you in trading.


It’s also very risky… Ocean didn’t do well on binance when it was listed recently got those who bought and deposited on binance from other exchange.


Please am interested , how does the arbitrage work?