How to Protect Yourself from Phishers

The issue of security and protection against scammers and phishers cannot be overstressed.
As each day passes, new cases of people being scammed pop up…therefore, it is hugely imperative we always stay at alert and stay safe.

Here, are some ways to protect yourself from phishers:

1. Always check the URL: https://

2. Do not use browsers that have extensions or plugins to access your account.

3. Do not open emails or links from unknown senders.

4. Regularly update your browser and operating system. And only from correct source.

5. Use official security software. Do not install unknown software which could be hacked.

6. Do not access your wallet when using public Wi-Fi or someone else’s device.

NB: You can as well use the search tab to explore more ways to stay safe in this crypto world full of scammers, phishers and thieves that are ever ready to steal your funds.

Stay Safu, people


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