How to recover a deleted Trust Wallet?

I had to delete trust wallet today because of an issue showing up on on my phone and I lost the xyo I had is there a way to recover it?


You can use your recovery phrase to get it back.


You need to save the phrase or the wallet key if not there’s no other way to recover it.


Save a copy of the private key/recovery phrase separate to your phone on a usb memory device and keep it safe as there is no way to get it back if you lose it

You could enter with the mnemonic code you were given on your first day of creating the wallet. But if you’ve lost it, I’m not really sure how this might help, but you could try logging in with your referral code. The one you sent to others to join the trust community. Its basically yours so it might bring you back to your old account

That’s why you have recovery phrases

If you have your Recovery phrase written down safe somewhere then you are secure and covered … your wallet and balance will be recovered in few minutes of inserting the 12 - 24 memornic phrase into the recovery of wallet account, especially incase of device theft or broken… I recommend to everyone who wrote theirs on a book to keep the book in a Metallic box or a Tin/can to prevent loss through fire or Liquid spill…

If you have lost the phrase there’s a place to recover it in the settings before something bad happens to your phone or wallet (copy and write it down then keep it Safe)… Otherwise you lose the opportunity to recover your wallet and it’s balance in the future… Which would be very sad to anyone that has valuable crypto-Assets