How to recover ETH send to ETC from

Hi, ethermine send ETH to my ETC Trust Valet ( I give ethermine ETC Valet instead of ETH by mistake). How to recover these funds and send them to the right Valet.

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You can’t it’s gone forever. You lost whatever you transferred. How did you pick the wrong wallet?

I have the same issue right now. I sent a request to TrustWallet support and posted the problem here as well but haven’t receive anything back yet. Hopefully someone can help us out.:weary:

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Hi when we were setting up wallet for mining we mixed ETH with ETC notice in few days after running. Now ethermining sending us to to Trust Wallet admins to look in to it because it went to our ETC Trust Wallet accaunt nobody but Trust Wallet admins can resolve.

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Hi, so it is common problem than. Let me know if you will have any respond from someone.


I finally got it to work and my funds are back!!! I’m so happy!!

When you follow the instructions from how to recover your funds, instead of copying the private key from the BIP 32 tap, copy the private key from BIP 44 tap instead. But please be careful, make sure to send out any remaining funds in your ETC to another wallet first or else it will override the old funds with the new funds. You can then transfer your old ETC funds back after you got you new ones in the wallet. Hope that help!

It’s not allowing me to paste the link to the YouTube video that I saw but you can search:
“Recover Ethereum and sent to VeChain address” from Crypto Guide

This is the video that I came across and discovered this person got the private key from BIP 44 instead.

You can help me, I transferred eth from trust wolet to coinbase and the funds didn’t come, I don’t understand why, eth is probably the same everywhere, now how can I return those funds to my trust wolet if I sent it wrong

@TILE30 Please contact the customer support of Coinbase so they can assist you with the deposit issue.