How to recover my account when I lost my key

I want to know how to recover my account when I lost my key but I have my identity card and I can take a selfie to confirm my identity, please help me

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Hello @Absacre,

If you lost it, then, there is no way to access it back again. Learn more here:

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I have lost the recovery phrases but I still have the address of my wallet which was connected to pancakeswap. is there any chance to recover my wallet with the address of it?

Hello @mhsn1
Unfortunately, no one can assist you with that. You are responsible for making sure that you created a backup and stored it in a safe place. Also, the Trust Wallet team does not keep a log of your recovery phrases for your security.

For further information, please read:

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But there should be a way to recover it. we don’t trade with phrases we trade with wallet addresses in exchanges. And I have it. I think it’s time to change the policies and securities of trust wallets because a lot of people have my problem and who knows maybe trust wallets use these lost wallets for themselves to make a profit. it’s not normal which I have my address but I can’t access it because of the ridiculous rules you have assisted.

I also have this problem. Is there truly no way to recover our wallets? My phone was stolen and the document backup was destroyed by a freak accident when moving houses. Are we just fucked out of our money due to circumstances? How is this ethical? Are you really able to do so little but hide behind a term and condition that does not work with these situations?

@milkaholic when creating a wallet there’s a clear warning that say if you lose your recovery phrase you’ll not be able to access your wallet.

And you can’t pass this screen before clicking on the box tha your agree and understand.

Also, Trust wallet has no access to anyone’s wallet. All your wallet data are stored on your phone not online servers. This is what all decentralized non-custodial wallets do.

There’s no hidden term’s and conditions, everything is open.

C’est vrai que ça assure la sécurité du compte mais c’est dommage de ne pouvoir récupérer les mots clé