How to recover polygon NFT sent to Trust walket

Hi can anyone help me recover an nft sent from opensea on the polygon network to my trust wallet? I tried to restore my trust wallet into MetaMask but it doesn’t accept my seed phrase. I’m just about ready to give up. I tried MetaMask and Guarda. I have an Enjin wallet but I don’t think they support it either. Because I do a search for “polygon” and nothing comes up. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hello @Rowdy1212 to export private keys for polygon follow this: Am I in Control of My Private Keys?

(Polygon share same deviation path as ETH, just export Eth private keys).

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I managed to import my wallet. The browser version of MetaMask doesn’t support NFT’s. I think I’m just going to forget it. This has been 4 days of trying to recover it. I have a headache