How To Recovery Wallet Key

how to recover your wall key


There is no way to recover the private key or recovery phrase.
You need to do a manual backup and store them offline.


How to verify identity

Can you provide more details about your question?
What do you mean verify identity.


How do I recover my trust wallet key

If you lost your recovery pass code then you are downfall cause there’s no way to recover that stuff cause it was generated for just your app or wallet as it is .

So is there zero way to get it. I’ve literally got my entire life savings stuck in the trust wallet. I moved homes and lost my keys.

I know a pre-2019 TrustWallet app would make a json keystore file instead of the 2 words.

Where would an early TrustWallet app (iOS) store the json file? I don’t remember getting the 12 words. Thanks!!

Hi @Thulan, you should have a backup of the JSON file as well as the valid password in order to access your wallet. Here’s a similar thread: Updated to latest Trust ap on IOS and now cannot see coins - #14 by Paul21