How to retrieve the lost balance? How to correctly add tokens or networks

Firstly, I can clearly tell you that there are no issues with mobile data, Wi Fi network, or VPN. Thank you! Secret language is also correct! This is the account. Thank you again, please don’t let me go to the trustwallet help center to find a way again! I have been browsing the Trustwallet Help Center forum for several days and still haven’t found a solution. Thank you. Please ask the gods to teach me


Transaction Hash:

About trustwallet app version:

Screenshot of my trustwallet interface:

Regarding my attempt to add a token, he filled it out himself. I just copied and pasted the address, and later he recognized it himself. The following image appeared, but the balance was not displayed:

May I ask what I need to do to correctly add a token and have the trustwallet app display my missing balance?In short, I only have the following three pieces of information. Do I need to add a network or a token? Can someone help me? Thank you. I made the transfer through the main network channels of Coin Exchange and BNB Smart China (BEP20)

Hello @y44H
I responded to you here already; Salute to our disappearing balance - #6 by Tobi
The receiving address you sent and that on the transaction hash do not match.
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