How to reverse a transaction

I tried to transfer BUSD-T to USDT , Transaction is successful but I did not receive the funds .

How do I fix this issue ?

Please let me know


Hi ,

can any one answer my question ? is there a way to reach support ?

Please let me know .


Hello ,

Can some one help me ? how to resolve my issue , I raised a ticket but I can’t track the status and don’t know if someone is looking into it .

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Thank you !

Is it legit or a scam , they are asking to fill out a form with recovery phrase .

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i have done eth transfer using binance in BEP20 network how can I reverse it

I am also looking for help , I don’t know what to say , why no one is responding .

Been over 2 weeks I sent safemoon to my coinbase matic wallet and still have not received. Is this money lost? :frowning:

these guys are great at answering aren’t they :roll_eyes: I seriously cannot get anyone to help me and all I did was transfer BUSDT to Voyager. They don’t answer either. I cannot stand them.

Hey everybody. Don’t call these numbers. These people are asking you for your recovery phrase. They are not with trust wallet.

I don’t recommend giving anyone your recovery…they’ll control your everything

Those fuc*let’s are scam artists. You didn’t send them your phrase did you?

Roseon finance rose token to BNB is not not get swap .i did try 6 day already …need support…rose to BNB need to swap .please need help and fix it

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Hello, when I wanted to send my currency wallet to another volt, I entered the wrong address and it was sent to another address that I attached. Is there a way for this amount of money to be returned to me from that address? Please help me.