How to sell a crypto in TrustWallet

New to crypto…I currently have: Bitcon, DogeCoin, and Refinable. Need to understand as how to sell these cryptos when the time presents itself. Do I have to swap for another and then transfer that to my CoinBase account? I also signed up for but still waiting on authentication for step 3.

Please help, apparently I am searching for the wrong things on google…as I have spent hours trying to figure this out.

Thank you kindly

Hello @lefthooked this article can help: Cashing out your Crypto


I’m trying to post a question but I can’t seem to find out how… any tips?

Your help would be appreciated

English - Trust Wallet From here click on New Topic + on right side of screen.

Thanks for the link, yes I read thru this. But there is not a “step by step” persay which is making this damn near impossible for me. Just trying to understand how to sell out of Trust Wallet and hope to get it into my CoinBase account to be able to withdrawl to my linked bank account…in the US (Florida) for reference. Much thanks for any additional suggestions anyone may be able to provide.