How to send crypto from Trust Wallet to Gemini exchange

Hi community,

I’ve been learning about BEP20 tokens and I just purchased some Pitbull and Safemoon tokens via Pancakeswap using Trust Wallet. What is the easiest way to swap these BEP20 tokens and send the “swapped crypto” to my Gemini Exchange account? I would like to hear some suggestions WITHOUT requiring the use of the Binance exchange.
I live in the US and I was under the impression that we can’t use it here legally. I also heard that the us version, Binance.US, should be avoided at all costs. I do not want to get a VPN and don’t want to create an account with Binance, but I might look into if there is no other way to send the crypto to my Gemini account.


@Alan47 : Hello sir, I see you are very active in here. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you.

You can easily send from your trust Wallet
It’s very Easy if you have a trust Wallet

Hi Candyice, thank you for your reply. I am not that concerned about the transfer process as I am with the following: After swapping pitbull and safemoon token back to Smart chain (BEP20), what kind of crypto should I swap into again knowing that Gemini does not support binance coin/token? I guess I should swap to ERC20 ETH?

@Alan47: I apologize Alan, I am new in here and for some reason, I cannot see your reply. Thanks.

You need to know the blockchain of the coin you wish to buy then you swap from the blockchain