How to send USDT from TW, without having ETH for Fees

Hi Guys,
So we are trying to send USDT from TW to an exchange, & TW asks for ETH for the Fees (asking for the ERC20 network)
so we then tried to exchange some USDT into ETH so we could have some to cover fees, but TW asked for ETH to make that exchange

How do we transfer funds if we don’t have ETH to cover the fees?

Nope… funds can’t be sent without gas fee. This article explains what network fees are and how they work: Cryptocurrency Network Fees

How much ETH needs to be in the Wallet to send out $1k from the TW on ERC20? APPROXIMATELY
If we put $50ETH into TW, will that be enough to send all the $1k out?

Hi, @Tommyssanderson network fees are dynamic based on network conditions. The current transaction fee will be displayed on confirmation screen before sending … check screenshot below.

Or go to for real-time gas fee.