How to sign a message with Trust Wallet


How do we sign a message using Trust wallet?

Certain exchanges need the address to be whitelisted before any BTC can be withdrawn to that address. How do I sign a message (from the exchange) using Trust wallet? This is for the purpose of whitelisting, and not any particular transaction.

Thank you in advance for responses.


@smrmhk If I am correct, whitelisting an address is to be done on an exchange and doesn’t need you signing anything.

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Yes, needs to be done on the exchange but the exchange requires the address to be signed on the wallet. There is a step by step process provided for some wallets on the FAQ (how-to-use-your-personal-wallet-to-perform-sign-message). However, Trust wallet is not included. So not sure how this would work on Trust wallet.

@smrmhk You could ensure first it’s not a scam and then reach out to their support team to help regarding this then.

Don’t think it’s a scam. I am unable to post a link here but if you Google “how to sign a message with your wallet” with Hashkey, the link covers the process for some wallets. The Hashkey customer service were not of much help and asked me to contact the wallet support.

@smrmhk They should be in the best position to explain how to go about it since they requested it.