How to solve recovery wrong address on my wallet

I have made a transaction error from my BUSD-T wallet (Trust wallet) to another wallet that supports ERC20 USDT. Please help me

Hi @Syahril_ramadhan,

What is the name of the platform/service where you sent your BUSD-T? Are you able to get the private key or recovery phrase of that wallet?

the name of wallet*

no sir, i just sent it busd-t to erc20-usdt

Please help me sir.
That’s my address on my trust wallet

Sent it
To 0x202ebec398c81bf05e7adf3fa665c8cc197920c1

You need to contact their customer support since they hold the keys to the wallet. If they are not willing to recover or credit it, then, unfortunately, you may consider your cryptos as lost.

is there any other solution. Please sir

I just want refund my money to trust wallet

There is no other solution. Your cryptos are already in’s wallet.

but they argue that they do not support other than erc20 usdt. So, what should I do??

Unfortunately, there is nothing to do anymore. No one can retrieve those aside from Rekeningku. Be careful next time and triple-check things first before transacting.