How to Spot A Fake Facebook Site

How to Spot a Fake Facebook Page

Here is a side by side comparison of a Real and Fake Trust Wallet Facebook page.
Hopefully, this will help our users, identify and be aware of fake ones that continuously pop up.

These scammers are asking for your Recovery Phrase, which are the keys to your crypto.
Do not give them out!

Education is the best form of protection.

The Official Facebook Page has the following:

  • The web address or URL is Trust Wallet.
  • The Wall has a lot of posts and interesting (fun) content.
  • The Navigation Bar on the left has a lot of options to choose from.
  • The About page on the right hand side has detailed information as well as the link to where you can download the app.
  • Community stats are show how many Likes and Follows the site has.
  • The Official Page was created on September 29, 2017 as shown on the Page Transparency box.

What to do with Fake pages?

The simplest way to deal with these fake pages is to report them.
As much as possible do not interact or open up links on these sites.
They are usually created by scammers that are trying to get your crypto.

Learn more here: 3 Steps to Protect your Crypto Wallet

Here is how you can Report a page:

  • Tap on the 3 dots beside Suggest Edits, then tap on Find Support or Report Page
  • Tap on Scams and Fake Pages, then tap on Fake Page. Hit Next.
  • You can also Block or Hide the Page. All Done.