How to stake 0x

Is this the only way?
I need to unstake my 0X to another wallet, or do you think Trust wallet will go back to allowing staking 0X?
I really don’t want to have MetaMask have my Private key to Trust Wallet.
Just looking for a way to move 0X stake, or waiting until Trust Wallet has 0X staking again.


Hi there @Hotrod1,

Are you referring to this DApp? 0x: Powering the decentralized exchange of tokens on Ethereum
You can still connect your wallet and choose Metamask, it will still detect the wallet that you have on the Trust Wallet app.

OK, I’ll try that. I thought it had to be from wallet staked, which is Trust.
I’ll give that a shot

Hello, I did not find any more my ZRX staking on Trust! Anyone kwons what happened? tks!

Hello @cbb1965,

Please read my previous response.

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