How To Stake BETH on Beefy Finance with Trust Wallet?

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Today, I will explain the steps to stake BETH on Beefy Finance using Trust Wallet.

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What is $BETH?

Recently, Binance has launched ETH2.0 Staking. Staked ETH cannot be redeemed for a period of up to 24 months that’s why Binance gives you Binance Beacon ETH (BETH) tokens, which represent staked ETH on a ratio of 1:1 basis. This allows the user to keep using their locked assets for trading and withdrawals.

Step 1. Stake ETH on Binance

You need to stake ETH to get BETH tokens. After staking ETH, BETH token will be created instantly in your spot wallet.

Open Binance ➤ Click on the More icon ➤ Open ETH 2.0 ➤ Click on the Stake Now Button ➤ Enter the ETH amount you want to stake and click Confirm ➤ You successfully staked ETH.

Now if you will go to your spot wallet you will see your BETH tokens.

Step 2. Withdraw BETH to Trust Wallet

Copy BETH BEP20 Receive Address from the Trust Wallet ➤ Paste the address on the BETH withdrawal screen ➤ Choose the BSC network, input the amount, and tap on Withdraw ➤ Complete security verifications to withdraw the token ➤ After a few minutes check your trust wallet, you will see your BETH Token.

Step 3. Stake BETH on Beefy Finance

Open in DApps Browser ➤ Make sure Smart Chain Network is selected ➤ Select BETH in the Asset section ➤ Slide amount to 100% and Click Approve ➤ Approve the transaction fees ➤ After that, you will see Deposit and Deposit All buttons ➤ Click Deposit All ➤ Approve the transaction fees again ➤ Done. You have successfully staked BETH on Beefy Finance.

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Thanks for the comprehensive steps. It’s concise and easy to use.