How to stake IOTX (vs IOTeX ERC20)

Trust Wallet seems to allow staking, but is it only for ERC20 IoTeX? It seems the IoTeX folks are moving to have their own IOTX, which is what I have in Trust Wallet, but have not figured out how to stake them. When I asked over on IoTeX in Telegram, one guy suggested I download the IoPay wallet. However, I would prefer to use the Trust Wallet. Has anyone figured out how to stake IOTX in Trust Wallet?



Hi no I also having trouble figuring it out.

You can only stake IOTX (ERC20).
Thru the DApp look for IoTeX voting or go to this link:

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@zachzwei Yes, I understand what you are saying. However, if you take a look at IOTX, From Token to Coin you will see that IOTeX is moving from the ERC20 token to their own native coin, IOTX, so when will Trust Wallet support that?

Thanks for the article. It does show that they are completely moving to their mainnet this year.
And they have staking of the new tokens too but its just on their own wallet.
Not sure if there is plans yet to support that on Trust Wallet.
But you can submit that request here: